SCIENCE (my work)

I research and advise on the topic of innovation. My focus is on people and organising in relation to the process of innovation. Many innovations deal with new technology, but my expertise concerns 1] how to manage the process of innovation from a human and organisational perspective, and 2] how to enable people adopting new technology, and what this requires from both the people and the organisation. This is called ‘Workplace innovation’ (in Dutch ‘Sociale innovatie’). Under SCIENCE you can find more about my work; my profile is under ABOUT ME.


The world as we know it is rich with diverse cultures, nature and fascinating cities. I love new travel experiences. My work brings me at many places, as do holiday and photo trips. You can ‘frame’ all that you see around you. My way of doing so is by photography, which for me is ‘experiencing by imaging’. I perceive images as sensory experiences that capture what is around me and how I experience what I see. Under TRAVEL & PHOTOGRAPHY I share with you my experiences. Here you can see ‘my life through the lens’.

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