I am as researcher / consultant affiliated to TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research) since 2001. Previously I worked for IVA (Institute for Social Research) of Tilburg University (Netherlands). Here you can find a selection of my Projects, Scientific publications, Publicaties for practice en ‘Other’, like footages.


Both national and international research and consultancy projects are part of my work. Some recent projects are illustrated here.


Research project with 9 European partners on the economic and social effects of digital transformation within 6 ‘eco-systems’ (2019-2024). See


World wide research project about the driving forces of social innovation in 7 policy domains, such as education, employment, energy and poverty (2014-2017). See

Workplace innovation; Future of work; Resilient teamwork

At TNO my colleagues and I contribute to the innovation of good jobs and good performance. Organising the work process and the deployment of employees and leaders are at the core of my research and consultancy work. More can be found under About me. Visit further


Most of my publications can be downloaded for free at ResearchGate. Google ‘List of publications Peter Oeij’ (latest version February 2021). Below you will find a selection.

Scientific publications

Publications for practice (in Dutch)

  • Oeij, P.R.A., Torre, W. van der, Preenen, T.Y.P. (2019). Technologiekeuzen en sociale innovatie: naar efficiënte en menswaardige arbeid. In: STAD 2019: Technologische en sociale innovatie bij de overheid. Gevolgen voor beleid, bestuur en management (pp. 285-298). Staat van de Ambtelijke Dienst (STAD). Publikatiereeks Overheid & Arbeid, 2019, Nummer 50. Den Haag: CAOP.
  • Smulders, P. & Oeij, P. (2019), Automatisering en robotisering gaan slechts beperkt samen. ESB, Economisch Statistische Berichten, 104(4774), 6 juni 2019, 266-269.
  • Oeij, P., Torre, W. van der, Ven, H. van de & Horssen, C. van (2017). Functieprofielenmethodiek om het effect van technologie op werk in kaart te brengen. OVER.WERK Tijdschrift van het Steunpunt Werk, 2, 26-32.
  • Oeij, P. (juni 2017). Het belang van de psychologie van de kwartseconde om niet te falen. O&O Opleiding en Ontwikkeling – Tijdschrift voor Human Resource Development, 2, 22-26.

Footage / videos

Interview book ‘The resilient innovation team’ (PhD thesis, 2017) in Dutch

Interview book ‘The resilient innovation team’ (2017)

Book presentation of ‘Workplace innovation: Theory research and practice’ (Brussels, Fall 2017)

Book presentation ‘Workplace Innovation’ (2017)

Leadership in innovatiion teams; NVP HRTechnovation (15 maart 2018) in Dutch

Leadership in innovation teams (2018)

Serious Game ‘Learning how to innovate’, TKI Dinalog (May-July 2019) in Dutch

Learning how to innovate (2019)

Workplace innovation explained, A & O Fondsen Festival (October 2020) in Dutch