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– Oeij, P.R.A., Preenen, P.Y.T., Van der Torre, W., Van der Meer, L., Van den Eerenbeemt, J. (2019). Technological choice and Workplace innovation: Towards efficient and humanised work. European Public & Social Innovation Review, 4(1), 15-26.

– Katarina Putnik, Peter Oeij, Steven Dhondt, Wouter van der Torre, Ernest de Vroome, Paul Preenen (2019). ‘Innovation adoption of employees in the logistics sector in the Netherlands: The role of workplace innovation’. European Journal of Workplace Innovation, special issue ‘Socio-Technical Systems theory (STS) in manufacturing’, 2019, 4(2), 176-192. The article can be downloaded here:

And: the complete issue of EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WORKPLACE INNOVATION can be downloaded here:

– Frank Pot / Steven Dhondt / Peter Oeij / Diana Rus / Peter Totterdill (2019). Complementing Digitalisation with Workplace innovation. in: J. Howaldt, C. Kaletka, A. Schröder & M. Zirngiebl (eds), Atlas of Social Innovation II (pp. 44-47). Munich: Oekom Verlag.

Abstract: “Social innovation within the workplace is called workplace innovation. Without workplace innovation, organisations cannot reap the benefits of digitalisation. Technology does not dictate work organisation and labour relations; there is ‘organisational choice’. Yet, there are a number of pitfalls”. The separate articles are available online at including the article of Pot et al.